A straw blower trailer that doesn’t lose its breath


The Breton company Euromark is launching a pneumatic shredder trailer. Called RP12 StormDrive, it is also patented. It is a pneumatic bunk distribution tool with a capacity of 12m2.

The system remotely drives different types of light products: chopped straw, shavings, sawdust, etc. The material can be loaded to a 12 m3 capacity with a moving floor of marine chains and bolted bars. The latter provides a constant feed to a rotary valve that injects the material into an air stream driven by a vane compressor. The injected material is mixed with the air by Venturi effect in a profiled velocity box. A rotary vane compressor connected to a pressurized air circuit ensures safe transfer of the material from the machine to the crushing area through a hose. The machine and shredding flow is controlled remotely from inside the building by means of a wireless remote control.

Shredding can be done with or without the presence of animals. Stress caused by noise and machinery movement is eliminated. The flexibility of the hose makes it possible to reach even the smallest corners of the building without having to lift obstacles. Straw blowing is easy to apply and the farmer can perform this operation more regularly by alternating between different materials. The user himself manages the movement of the hose and thus the flow of straw in the building. In this way, he can visually identify the areas of degraded bedding, select only the areas to be re-strawed and adjust the volumes to be applied in the best possible way.


GRANDS TROUPEAUX, Special No. 100, June 2022

Translated from French