EUROMARK’s iconic compact straw blower gets a makeover. The TX27HD dares to renew itself while retaining the foundations laid by ...


Solicitious over developing and modernizing our ranges of equipment at the same time as the agricultural world changes, EUROMARK has ...



Caring about developing our ranges while the agricultural world is changing, EUROMARK conceived a small volume straw blower, with as much performance ...


TX47 / 57 / 67 / 87 / 107XL

EUROMARK TX47 / 57 / 67 / 87 and 107XL compact straw blowers guarantee you a comfortable mulch autonomy. With a useful ...


TX137 / 157 / 177XL

With a useful capacity of 13, 15 or 18m³, TX137 / 157 et 177XL EUROMARK big volume straw blowers are arranged ...

Broyeur de paille SHREDDER de profil

SHREDDER – Straw Blower and Shredder

Learn about EUROMARK latest development: our very high performance SHREDDER straw blower. The small-size SHREDDER combines all the expected qualities ...

Optionnal equipments available

Listing - optional equipment

A wide choice of options also enriches the equipment of the machine in order to ensure you an efficient and effective work tool adapted to your daily needs.


Mechanical drive by disengageable belt. The POWERDRIVE system is a EUROMARK patented innovation. It greatly reduces the need for power at start-up, considerably limits the risk of jams and allows 100% use of the volume thanks to a dissociated start-up.
The POWERDRIVE system guarantees you more silence, more power and more flexibility.


Straw misting system. The AEROLIB allows to diffuse a micro-mist of water at the level of the straw chute. This micro-fog plummets the dust and makes it fall back to the ground.
It is a simple and automatic solution to reduce considerably the dust during the mulching and thus to protect your health and that of your animals.

Moving floor regulator

This major innovation has won awards at numerous trade fairs for the real comfort it brings to the user. The moving floor regulator automatically controls the speed of the conveyor belt to avoid jams without the need for human intervention.