New pneumatic straw blower trailer

Euromark, French manufacturer of livestock equipment, launches its patented RP12 StormDrive pneumatic trailer. It is a pneumatic straw distribution tool with a useful capacity of 12 m3. The system is able to transport different types of products over long distances, making it an adaptable solution for all types of livestock (cattle, poultry, etc.) and all types of buildings.

Its StormDrive technology has been designed to make it a simple and versatile tool. The trailer will not have to enter the building, this system will allow it to be connected from the outside through the flexible hose suspended from a rail inside. The material is mixed by the Venturi effect and transferred to a hose for rapid transport over long distances to the crushing area in complete safety.

The machine remains outside the building, so the risk of indirect contamination and noise stress are limited. The machine and shredding flow is controlled remotely from inside the building by means of a wireless remote control.




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PAYSAN BRETON, NOUVELLES DE FIRMES, Week of September 30 to October 6, 2022