Solicitious over developing and modernizing our ranges of equipment at the same time as the agricultural world changes, EUROMARK has developed a straw blower for telescopic equipped with the latest EUROMARK technologies: the CHARGER. Designed on the basis of our classical TX27XL, the CHARGER takes its  specificity from it mounted format and its command system by Bluetooth. Indeed, as standard, all hydraulic or electrical functions of this straw shredder are controlled from the telescopic booth using a Bluetooth control: the «BlueControl».

With a 2.1m³ useful capacity, its box body is designed for round bales (Ø2m) and cubic bales (length : 2m50).

With a great adaptability, the straw blower for telescopic CHARGER, is available with two different delivery to answer all your true needs :

  • With a lateral delivery chute,
  • Or with a central delivery chute – POLYFLOW.

Innovation to the fingertips : intuitive Bluetooth command, "BlueControl"

The “BlueControl” Bluetooth controller is an EUROMARK innovation awarded in 2015 by an INNOV’SPACE (innovation conquest of the SPACE agricultural exhibition – Rennes, France). The CHARGER and its BlueControl system (as standard) are designed to facilitate the work of the breeder: all hydraulic and electric functions of the straw blower are easily controlled from the fingertips directly from the telescopic booth.


The Bluetooth controller connects directly to the 12 volt jack. The controls are intuitive, and the case is ergonomic, for a simplified use and maximum comfort.


There are no more electrical cables connecting the machine to the telescopic booth.


The control box remains permanently in the booth of the telescopic, sheltered from moisture; thus, the maintenance of hoses and cables is reduced.


This Bluetooth controller avoids you the binding electrical cable installation and is quickly set in the cab. This allows the breeder to fully concentrate on the job, without worrying about wiring or hoses.

Serial equipment

  •  Lateral or central POLYFLOW delivery chute
  •  Bluetooth command – BlueControl
  •  Fibre rotor
  •  Hydraulic motor drive
  •  Monocoque box non-deformable
  •  Removable base and double base
  •  Removable stainless steel housing for direct access to the turbine

  •  Double flow turbine with 8 bolted TWIN blades
  •  High strength conveyor with marine chain of Ø12mm
  •  Usuary plates of 4mm below the chains
  •  Bearings with grease nipple on carpet shafts – Hardox nuts
  •  Hydraulic door capacity 650 Kg
  •  Cleanliness trap

Optional equipment

  • Rotating lateral chute 30°/30°
  • Rotation to 320° for the central chute POLYFLOW
  • Electric swivel only of the POLYFLOW chute’s cap

  • Oil cooler for heavy duty
  • POLYFLOW  chute’s only hydraulic folding

Technical caracteristics


Capacity behind the rotor (m³) 2.1
Internal machine dimensions – A 1.19
Internal machine dimensions – B 1.36
Internal machine dimensions – C 1.27
Overall – D 2.34
Overall  – E 1.73 UESP / 1.97 ESP
Overall – F 2.9
Overall – G 1.73
Overall – H 2.34
Opened machine – I
Opened machine – K
Opened machine – M
Weight (Kg) 1350

Technical recommandations :

  •  Minimum flow rate required : 90 litres/mn real end arrow.
  •  Warning : fasteners and push-pull not included. We invite you to contact your partner suppliers.

The information are not contractual. The manufacturer keeps the right to modify, without notice, the characteristics of this equipment.