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A simple solution, easy to implement, adapted and adaptable to all types of breeding and buildings (cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry).

Work comfort: Simplicity of use, spreading precision, less arduous mulching tasks, reduced logistical constraints.

Biosecurity and animal wellness: No machines inside the buildings, therefore reduced risk of contamination from outside, reduced stress from noise and movement of machines, less dust.

Savings: Savings in litter quantity by targeted mulching, reduced mulching time, reduced mulching labor required by one person.


The system allows the machine to be connected from outside the buildings to the inside using a flexible hose suspended from a rail. The user simply has to manually direct the flow of mulch to target the areas to be mulched, while remotely controlling the operation of the machine with a wireless remote control, in complete safety.
The flexible hose offers a great freedom of movement and thus makes it possible to reach with ease the various recesses of the buildings without having to worry about the various obstacles present (pipettes, feeders, etc).

The phases of mulching and re-mulching are easier, less painful and faster, it is therefore easier to renew the litter more regularly while having the possibility of alternating between different materials.


– Low drive power required (about 50 hp)
– Low loading height: 2m40
– Comfortable to work with
– Biosecurity
– Straw saving
– Easy to maintain
– Easy to use
– Reliable

StormDrive Technology patented by EUROMARK EMK

The RP12 and its StormDrive technology have been designed and developed around the central idea of making it a simple, reliable and versatile tool.

The material can be loaded by bucket into a flared box in which there is a moving floor composed of marine chains and bolted bars.
The concept of the StormDrive technology is based on a simple kinematic chain:

The moving floor ensures the constant feeding of an industrial rotary sluice (sealed rotary lock), which allows the material to be injected into a flow of air driven by a vane compressor. The injected material mixes homogeneously with the air in a profiled speeding box and istransferred to a hose for rapid conveying at low pressure over long distances.

Serial equipment

  • Flared welded monocoque body
  • Removable bottom and double bottom
  • Bottom mat with 21 bars
  • Marine chain 12×42 – grade 80
  • Hardox nuts
  • Manual door on hinges
  • Cleanliness trap door
  • 6-blade industrial rotary scraper with anti-abrasion rubber scrapers
  • Vane compressor with automatic lubrication
  • Cardan shaft
  • Remote controls
  • Material level detector
  • Air pressure control gauge
  • D90 hose outlet with PERROT type quick coupling
  • Adjustable length drawbar
  • Road tires 385 / 65 R22.5
  • Manual jack stand as standard

Optional equipment

  • 3 load cell weighing system with programmable weighing indicators with led display
  • Covering system on road type cables manually foldable by crank
  • Mudguard kit
  • Hydraulic stand
  • Hydraulic unit
  • Ladder at the back of the box

Technical caracteristics

Box Capacity (m³) 12
Inside Dimensions of box
A 4.40
B 2.28
C 1.36
D 1.28
Overall Domensions
E 2.50
F 2.40
G 6.82
Other Dimensions (m)
H 4.83
I 1.02
J 0.22
K 2.40
Tires 385/65 R22,5