SHREDDER – Straw Blower and Shredder

Broyeur de paille SHREDDER de profil

Learn about EUROMARK latest development: our very high performance SHREDDER straw blower.

The small-size SHREDDER combines all the expected qualities of a high performance straw blower and shredder. Thanks to its specific design, its offers a very high working output with homogeneous and higher-quality shredding. Able to treat 400 kg of straw in 6 to 7 minutes, it can shred straw to 2 cm (0,78 po).  The SHREDDER offers a mulching distance with a range of 10 meters, depending on straw quality.

Equipped with a lateral or central POLYFLOW delivery chute, the SHREDDER also has an hydraulic feed rotor and a turbine equipped with 56 hammers. Its screwed front side can be taken apart for a direct and safe access to the turbine. The SHREDDER also has 2 functions electric controls, for the door and belt control.

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