TX200 – TX250 – TX250SP


With 1.8 or 2.5m³ useful capacities, the EUROMARK silage feeders TX200, TX250 and TX250SP are compact and manageable machines. Thanks to their rounded claw and its specially designed kinematic, they develop a very deep movement allowing an easy access to the silo, even in height. The cut is clean and clear. Designed to limit the loss of time, the filling of the body is fast and optimal, and the silage distribution is homogeneous. Equipped with a semi-automatic 3-point hitch (TX200 and TX250), the hitch is greatly facilitated.

EUROMARK offers three models of silage cutters, with a right or a left distribution:

  • TX200capacity 1.8m³: this model is only available in mounted version,
  • TX250 and TX250SPcapacity 2.5m³: available in mounted version (front or rear linkage on a telescopic) or semi-trailed version.

Distribution trap door

The EUROMARK silage feeders are available as standard with a right or a left distribution trap door, allowing you to adapt the machine to your buildings. The panel in front of the distribution trap door is mobile and can be opened for the distribution of whole beets for example.


A fast and maximized silage cutting and feeding


Thanks to their rounded claw and its specially designed kinematic, they develop a very deep movement allowing an easy access to the silo, even in height, and to fastly fill the machine.


As standard, the EUROMARK silage feeders are controlled  via an auxiliary distributor (4 or 5 elements). For more comfort, we propose the electric controls (option). Easily adjustable, the casing is placed in the cabin, allowing you to exploit all the functionalities of your silage feeder directly from the tractor cab.


EUROMARK silage feeders TX200 / TX250 et TX250SP are equipped with a versatile detuning box, ideal for grass and corn silage. The direction of rotation is reversible (right / left). An overpowering hydraulic motor drives the feed rotor and the belt together. The speed remains proportional ensuring the regularity of the distribution.

Serial equipment

  •  Single piece non-deformable body shell
  •  Right or left distribution
  •  Polyvalent feed rotor for all types of silage : grass, corn,…
  •  Manual control
  •  Marine chain ø10mm with reverser and usuary plates of 4mm below the chains

  •  Hydraulic motor drive
  •  Non-deformable monobloc central arm claw
  •  Articulated claw and high-power cylinder to avoid any contact with the silage
  •  3-points semi-automatic coupling (for mounted version)

Optional equipment

  •  Bibs (on claw)
  •  Electric controls, 4 functions (for the models TX200 et TX250)

  •  Electric controls, 5 functions (only for the TX250SP)
  •  Mineral hopper – 150 litres (for the models TX200 et TX250)

Technical caracteristics


TX200 TX250 TX250SP semi-trailed
Useful capacity (m³) 1.8 2.5 2.5
Inside – A 1.2 1.6 1.6
Inside – B 1.48 1.48 1.48
Inside – C 1 1 1
Overall – D 1.7 2 3
Overall – E 2.28 2.28 2.35
Overall – F 1.66 1.66 1.66
G depend on tractor
depend on tractor depend on tractor
J 2.64 3 3
Unladen weight (in Kg) 750 860 1000
Pneumatic tyres
Axles 45mm

The information are not contractual. The manufacturer keeps the right to modify, without notice, the characteristics of this equipment.