With a 2.3m³ useful capacity, the TX27XL is a small but powerfful straw blower, specially designed for small to medium mulching tasks.The body box of the machine is made for all straw bales format (round bales : Ø2m and cubic bales : length : 2m50). With a great adaptability, the straw blower TX27XL, is available as standard with different equipment to answer all your true needs :

  • With a lateral delivery chute, or with a central POLYFLOW delivery chute,
  • In mounted or semi-trailed version,
  • With 1 hydraulic rotor or 1 mechanical rotor with system S.D.E.*

POWERDRIVE and S.D.E* technologies

Our small volume straw blower TX27XL or TX27XL POLYFLOW can be equipped as standard with a mechanical rotor S.D.E. This system for strug bale distribution gives you a straw blowing of very high quality.

For the distribution of difficult products, we recommend the machine with a mechanical rotor S.D.E. to be equipped with the clutch controlled feed rotor  system POWERDRIVE – major innovation patented EUROMARK.

A wide choice of options can be added to the machine in order to ensure an efficient and effective working tool, adapted to your daily needs.


Strengths - mulching and distribution


Mechanical separator S.D.E. // Strung Bale Distribution for straw distribution, grass wrapping, short strands fodder,… All-fodder feed rotors are mechanically taken away by the belt. 550mm in diameter, these feed rotors have sharp sections, which cut grass bale. Spiral-positioned injectors on the feed rotor propel materials into the turbine. Long fibre don’t twist thanks to the large diameter of the feed rotor. A comb regulates the straw’s inflow, or the fodder’s, into the turbine.


TWIN blades // Bolted and balanced on the turbine disk, TWIN blades create suction and offer a very large propulsion area, so that products ( straw, silage) can be taken by a maximum centrifugal force. The spoon shape increases propulsion efficiency and guarantees perfect cleaning.

Double flow turbine // It is the heart of the machine. Thanks to its performance, mulch is regular on a great distance and distribution is fast and homogeneous. The 8 TWIN blades and their 3 supporting points on the disk offer a substantial robustness and a perfect balance.

Double flow suction // Double flow technology with air suction at the front and the back optimizes the turbine power and provides a powerful and regular flow, even long distance. EUROMARK exclusive.


30°/30° Rotating laterale chute (optional) // The rotating laterale chute with a 30° angle on each side of the machine eases mulch and enables the mulch in hard to reach area.

320° Rotating chute (optional) // To deal with complexe buildings configuration, small volume straw blower TX27XL POLYFLOW can be equipped with a 320° rotating chute to mulch up to 15m far. Its 3-elements conception gives the possibility to mulch close to the edge of the machine.


Patented system POWERDRIVE // EUROMARK exclusive (optional) : Developing maximum power for the feed rotor, this flow system with hydraulic disengaging belt enables the separation between the turbine’s and the feed rotor’s rotation, and the belt’s movement. EUROMARK exclusive patent.

Serial equipment


  •  Lateral chute , mulcingh between 18 to 20m far (depending on straw quality).
  •  POLYFLOW central chute,  mulching up to 15m far in hardly accessible areas (depending on straw quality).


  •  1 hydraulic feed rotor (not advised for difficult materials like barley, hay, wrapped bales…)
  •  1 mechanical S.D.E. feed rotor  All fodder (Strung Bale Distribution, for hay, grass, short-strands fodder distribution…)


  •  Mounted version, to offer you excellent manoeuvrability’s advantages.
  •  Semi-trailed version.

  •  Lateral chute or POLYFLOW central chute
  •  2-speed gearbox
  •  1 hydraulic feed rotor ou 1 mechanical S.D.E.* feed rotor with 40 sections (* Strung Bale Distribution)
  •  Duel flow turbine with 8TWIN bolted blades
  •  Removable stainless steel casing for a direct access to the turbine
  •  Ergonomic electric cabled commands with joystick
  •  Hydraulic rear door with a 1200Kg capacity

  •  Freewheel cardan
  •  Single piece non-deformable body shell
  •  Removable bottom and double bottom
  •  High resistance belt with ø12mm marine chains
  •  Usuary plates of 4mm below the chains
  •  Bearings with lubricators on belt’s shafts – bosshead made of Hardox steel
  •  Cleanliness trapdoor
  •  Semi-trailed version: DREAL 2013 Homologation (red barred attestation provided)

Optional equipment

  •  Hydraulic disengaging feed rotor – POWERDRIVE system – EUROMARK patent
  •  Door + belt electric commands
  •  30°/30° rotating lateral chute
  •  320° rotating central chute (for POLYFLOW models)
  • AÉROLIB system, to considerably limit dust while mulching

  •  Difficult products’ sections (40 additionnal sections)
  •  Wide angle cardan (supplement)
  •  LED working headlight
  •  Flow divider (>50l/min)
  •  Electrical orientation of POLYFLOW chute’s cap only
  •  500mm extended hydraulic door

  •  POLYFLOW chute’s hydraulic repack only
  •  Mobile axle adjustment
  •  235/71 17.5 Road tyres
  •  Signalling lights
  •  Cabled command
  •  Open/close centre switch

Technical caracteristics

TX27XL – standard version with lateral chute

TX27XL mounted TX27XL semi-trailed
Capacity behind the rotor (m³) 2.4 2.4
Internal machine dimensions – A 1.40 1.40
Internal machine dimensions B 1.36 1.36
Internal machine dimensions C 1.27 1.27
Overall – D 2.77 3.86
Overall E 2.13 2.20
Overall F 2.9 2.97
Overall G 1.81 1.92
Opened machine – H
Opened machine I
Opened machine J 2.8 3.22
Opened machine K 2.07 2.17
Opened machine M 1.56 1.69
Weight (in Kg) 1680 2000
Tyres 10/75×15-5 holes
Axle 50mm

TX27XL POLYFLOWPOLYFLOW version with central chute

TX27XL POLYFLOW mounted TX27XL POLYFLOW semi-trailed
Capacity behind rotor (m³) 2.4 2.4
Internal machine dimensions – A 1.40 1.40
Internal machine dimensions B 1.36 1.36
Internal machine dimensions C 1.27 1.27
Overall – D 2.77 3.86
Overall E 1.85 2.13
Overall G 1.73 1.92
Opened machine – H 2.26 2.33
Opened machine I 2.54 2.75
Opened machine J 2.8 3.22
Weight (in Kg) 1680 2000
Tyres 10/75×15-5 holes
Axle  50mm

The information are not contractual. The manufacturer keeps the right to modify, without notice, the characteristics of this equipment.