With a useful capacity of 3m³, TX30XL is a mounted silage feeder-straw blower particular because of its format, which offers you all advantages of a great manoeuvrability. TX30XL has been conceived to admit bales with a maximal diameter of 1m70. Very performant, TX30XL mounted silage feeder-straw blower is furnished with lateral chute.

Thanks to its advanced pivot pointed arm and to its articulated claw, TX30XL offers optimal silage feeding. Indeed, advanced pivot point on the front side of the machine allows a wider clearance for the claw on the silo and a better division of mechanical efforts.

Equipped with a mechanical feed rotor, this model beneficiates from S.D.E. technology- Strung Bale Distribution– in order to guarantee a quality mulch. An option list expands the machine’s equipement to ensure an efficient, performant work tool adapted to your daily needs.

POWERDRIVE technology

To distribute difficult products, TX30XL mounted silage feeder-straw blower can be provided with feed rotor entrainment by disengageable belt. POWERDRIVE system is an EUROMARK patented innovation (optional equipment).


Strengths - silage feeding and straw blowing


S.D.E. rotors // Strung Bale Distribution to distribute hay, wrapped grass, short-strand fodder…

All-fodder rotors are mechanically powered by a belt. With a diameter of 550mm, these rotors have cutting sections, which slice grass bale. Ejectors, spiral placed on the feed rotor, drive the products through the turbine. The seperator’s important diameter prevents long fibres from winding. A comb regulates the straw’s or the fodder’s flow into the turbine.


The round-profil claw enables to obtain an airtighter silo front, limiting silage oxidation. Automatic reminder cleaning plate perfectly cleans the silo’s basis, reducing manual cleaning. Calculated by a  computer, the automatic-scrapper round claw allows an attack front of the clean silo, silage feeding is optimal. The arms’ kinematic has been optimised to foster silage feeding height and to allows a very advanced movement into the tank for a maximal filling. The lifting-arms actuators being outside of the tank, no obstacle disturbs loading. The claw-position indicator is serial.


TWIN blades // Bolted and balanced on the turbine disk, TWIN blades create suction and offer a very large propulsion area, so that products ( straw, silage) can be taken by a maximum centrifugal force. The spoon shape increases propulsion efficiency and guarantees perfect cleaning.

Double flow turbine // It is the heart of the machine. Thanks to its performance, mulch is regular on a great distance and distribution is fast and homogeneous. The 8 TWIN blades and their 3 supporting points on the disk offer a substantial robustness and a perfect balance.

Double flow suction // Double flow technology with air suction at the front and the back optimizes the turbine power and provides a powerful and regular flow, even long distance. EUROMARK exclusive.


Patented system POWERDRIVE // EUROMARK exclusive (optional) : Developing maximum power for the bale seperator, this flow system with hydraulic disengaging belt enables the separation between the turbine’s and the bale seperator’s rotation, and the belt’s movement. EUROMARK exclusive patent.

Serial equipment

  •  2-speed gearbox
  •  1 S.D.E. mechanical feed rotor equipped with 40 sections
  •  Double flow turbine with 8 bolted TWIN blades
  •  Bolted stainless steel carter for a direct access to the turbine
  •  Only in lateral chute version
  •  Ergonomic electric cabled commands
  •  Silage feeding claw with round profil
  •  Armed and clawed actuators outside the tank

  • Freewheel cardan
  • Single piece non-deformable body shell
  • Removable bottom and double bottom
  • High resistance belt with ø12mm marine chains
  • Usuary plates of 4mm below the chains and 16mm thick usuary blade in 300 Hb on the tank
  • Bearings with lubricators on belt’s shafts – bosshead made of Hardox steel
  • Cleanliness trapdoor

Optional equipment

  • Hydraulic disengageable feed rotor – POWERDRIVE system – EUROMARK patent
  • Flow divider (>50l/min)
  • 30°/30° rotating lateral chute

  • Difficult products’ sections
  • AÉROLIB system, to considerably limit dust while mulching

Technical caracteristics


Tank capacity (m³) 4.2
Capacity behind feed rotor(m³) 3
Internal machine dimensions- A 1.70
Internal machine dimensions B 1.36
Internal machine dimensions C 1.29
Overall – D 3.2
Overall  E 2.11
Overall  F 2.88
Height – G 1.81
Height  K 2.06
Height  J 3.47
Height  M 1.57
Weight (in Kg) 2000

Given information are not contractual. The manufacturer reserves the right to modify, without notice, the features of this equipment.