TX59 / 69 / 89XL MIX


With a useful capacity going from 5.5m³ to 8m³, Silage feeders-Straw blowers-Recyclers TX59 / 69 and 89XL MIX require only one tractor to mulch, silage to feed and to distribute.

Thanks to its advanced pivot pointed arm and to its articulated claw, EUROMARK silage feeders-straw blowers offer optimal silage feeding. Indeed, advanced pivot point on the front side of the machine allows a wider clearance for the claw on the silo and a better division of mechanical efforts.

They provide you with homogeneous mix, wihtout defibring. Thanks to their recycling double chutes, you can project products to the tank’s bottom. The ventilation power allows a very fast mix without denaturing or defibring the products.

¨Performant, TX59 / 69 et 89XL MIX silage feeders-straw blowers-recyclers are available in double chutes version (lateral chute + 320° rotating chtute) in order to suit all your needs and all buildings’ configurations.

POWERDRIVE technology and S.D.E

Equipped with 2 all-fodder mechanical feed rotors, TX59 / 69 et 89XL MIX silage feeders-straw blowers-recyclers benefeciate from S.D.E. technology. This Strung Bale Distribution system guarantees you a quality mulch.

To distribute difficult products, all models can be provided with feed rotor entrainment by disengageable belt. POWERDRIVE system is an EUROMARK patented innovation (optional equipment).

An option list expands the machine’s equipement to ensure an efficient, performant work tool adapted to your daily needs.



Mixing function for maximal versatility

  • MIX

TX59 / 69 and 89XL MIX silage feeders-straw blowers-recyclers add mixing function to your machine.

Centralised command // Recycling function is ensured by only one centralised command. For a preciser ration management, these models can be furnished with a very performant weighing system.

One tractor // To mulch, silage to feed and to distribute, only one tractor is required ! For your comfort, you can choose to work from the Gateway or from the tractor’s cab.

Homogeneous mix// The chute projects products into the tank’s bottom. Then, the product falls without compacting on the belt, which goes into the tank’s bottom. The ventilation power allows a very fast mix without denaturing or defibring products.


With their weight indicator, EUROMARK TX59 / 69 and 89XL MIXsilage feeders-straw blowers-recyclers provide precise weight. Electronic weighing enables a better management of fodder stocks and optimised ration. Weighing is ensured by a device of 3 load cells fixed on the axle and the machine’s boom. This sytem is optionally available on all models.

Weighing box has a very clear display and its use is intuitive, it enables weighing all ingrédients of the ration.

Serial equipment


  • Double chutes (lateral chute + 320° swivelling chute), mulch up to 15m³ (according to straw quality).


  • TX59 / 69 and 89XL : only available with 2 S.D.E. mechanical feed rotors

  • 2-speed gearbox
  • Double flow turbine with 8 bolted TWIN blades
  • Bolted stainless steel carter for a direct access to the turbine
  • Ergonomic electric cabled commands
  • Silage feeding claw with round profile
  • Armed and clawed actuators outside the tank
  • Freewheel cardan
  • Single piece non-deformable body shell

  • Removable bottom and double bottom
  • High resistance belt with ø12mm marine chains
  • Usuary plates of 4mm below the chains and 16mm thick usuary blade in 300 Hb on the tank
  • Bearings with lubricators on belt’s shafts – bosshead made of Hardox steel
  • Cleanliness trapdoor
  • Hydraulic brake
  • TX89XL MIX : Serial road tyres 305/70 R19.5
  • DREAL 2013 Homologation (red barred attestation provided)

Optional equipment

  • Hydraulic disengageable feed rotor – POWERDRIVE system – EUROMARK patent
  • Loading ramp with double commands
  • Presence sensor on the ramp
  • Road tyres 285/70 R19.5 6 holes
  • 450l mixing hopper
  • Moving belt regulator
  • Mobile axle weighing
  • Wide angle cardan (surcharged)
  • Bibs on claw – silage-feeding after claw
  • Right or left lateral spoiler
  • 30°/30° rotating lateral chute

  • LED swiveld working headlight
  • AÉROLIB system, to considerably limit dust while mulching
  • Difficult products’ sections
  • Cabled command
  •  Hydraulic stand with manual pump
  •  Open/close centre switch
  •  Flow divider (>50l/min)
  •  Hydraulic group for a machine with feed rotors equipped with POWERDRIVE system
  •  Hydraulic group for hydraulic feed rotors
  •  Stainless steel turbine’s rim

Technical caracteristics

Mesures TX49 - 59 - 69 - 89XL

Capacity (m³) 6.5 7.5 9
Capacity behind feed rotor (m³) 5.5 6.5 8
Internal machine dimensions – A 2.6 3 3.7
Internal machine dimensions B 1.46 1.46 1.46
Internal machine dimensions C 1.47 1.47 1.47
Overall – D 5 5.5 6.1
Overall  E 2.4 2.4 2.4
Overall  F 3.2 3.2 3.2
Height – G 2.05 2.05 2.05
Height H 2.53 2.53 2.53
Height I 2.96 2.96 2.96
Height J 3.7 4.16 4.7
Height K 2.04 2.04 2.04
Height M 1.45 1.45 1.45
Weight (in Kg) 3400 3650 4000
Tyres 11.5/80×15-14PR 11.5/80×15-14PR 305/70 R19.5
Axle 70mm 70mm 80mm

Given information are not contractual. The manufacturer reserves the right to modify, without notice, the features of this equipment.