AÉROLIB system

Protect your health and your animals’, and preserve the environment !



The AÉROLIB system is the simple and automatic solution to tremendously reduce dust while mulching and to homegeneously distribute all the beddings.

This straw mister system can be mounted on EUROMARK straw blowers, silage feeders/straw blowers and mixers/straw blowers. The flow is adjustable and allows to spray a micro-mist of water. This thin mist “weights” the dust and sets it on the ground with the straw (this process does not affect the atmospheric humidity in the building).



Your health partner


  • Significantly reduces dust and protects the respiratory health of the farmer and his animals,
  • Disinfects the beddings by incorporating liquid solutions, which improves the health and well-being of the livestock,
  • Reduces pollutant emissions (composting by CMO microorganism complex),
  • Makes supplementation possible during the Delivery of the feed ration.

Mulching without AÉROLIB

The vision in hte building is blurred because of flying straw particles that create a distasteful cloud of dust. The atmosphere is hard to breath. Image is clear above straw and full of dust below.

 Mulching with AÉROLIB

The atmosphere is clear, the dust is not flying anymore. The air is perfectly breathable for the breeder and for its animals.


  • Reservoir about 85L,
  • Placed at the front or on the side of the machine,
  • Flow control by manometer,
  • Standard nozzles flow : 1L/min,
  • ON/OFF from the tractor cab.

Compatible materials

This equipment is avaible on:

  • Straw blowers

TX27XL & POLYFLOW, BOOSTER 2D2, POLYCUT, TX47-57-67-87-107XL, TX137-157-177XL

  • Silage feeders/Straw blowers

TX30XL, TX49-59-69-89XL, TX59-69-89XL MIX

  • Mixers/Straw blowers

TXV6-9-11-13XL et TXW16-22-26XL