Carrying belt regulator

Automatic fluidity



Suggested as an option, this major innovation has been awarded in many fairs for its comfort. The carrying belt regulator automatically handles the belt’s carrying speed, in order to prevent clogging, without human intervention.


Function principle

  • Thanks to its sensor facing pulleys, it detects slippage’s beginning in 1/100th second: a lot faster than human eye could.
  • Information is transmitted to an electronic automaton, which instantly sends it to the solenoid valve controlling the hydraulic motor to reduce carrying speed.
  • The belt speed reduced, distributed materials’ flow slightly diminished, suppressing clogging. The automaton notices the clogging stopped and it reestablishes the normal speed of the belt.

Compatible materials

This optionnal equipment is available on:

  • Straw blowers

TX47-57-67-87-107XL, TX137-157-177XL

  • Silage feeders/Straw blowers

TX49-59-69-89XL, TX59-69-89XL MIX