POWERDRIVE patented system

EUROMARK patented ultra efficiency !



The clutch controlled feed rotor POWERDRIVE system is an optional equipment. Developing a maximum power to the rotor(s), our hydraulically disengageable belt seperates the rotation of the turbine and the rotation of the feed rotor, from the carpet progress.

EUROMARK exclusive patent, we have equipped thousands of machines with it.



Ultra efficiency


  • Develops a maximum power to the feed rotor (up to 120hp).
  • Allows the turbine and the feed rotor to start separately.
  • Advantage : the feed rotor is not rotating when the turbine gets launched. The need of power when the engine starts is strongly reduced, which makes the use of lower power tractors possible, thus fuel savings are made.
  • Allows you to use 100% of the volume : the dissociated start of the feed rotor combined with the exceptional power of the POWERDRIVE enables a soft start even at full load, making the maximum filling volume possible.
  • Allows a progessive clutch of the feed rotor.

Function principle

The entrainment of the turbine and of the feed rotor are independent. This principle reduces the need of power when starting the engine, and limits clogging.

  • The turbine’s rotation starts independently.
  • When optimal speed is reached, the feed rotor and the belt are progressively engeable. There is no risk of misuses.

Compatible materials

This equipment is highly recommended with :

  • Straw blowers

TX27XL & POLYFLOW, BOOSTER 2D2, POLYCUT (serial), TX47-57-67-87-107XL, TX137-157-177XL

  • Silage feeders/Straw blowers

TX30XL, TX49-59-69-89XL, TX59-69-89XL MIX