Presence sensor on ramp

Insisting on safety



In order to bring more performance to our materials, we suggest for our silage feeders/straw blowers the option ” double commands loading ramp”. It allows you to control all functions of your machine from the closest point of your working zone (machine/silo). Commands on the ramp are the same as those in the cabin.

  • However, to be able to work from the tractor once the machine is charged, the commands’power must be powered off before getting off the ramp.
  • If it is forgotten, going back and forth between the tractor and the ramp is a huge waste of time.
  • By listening to our customers, we discovered that many of them disconnected this switch, which can be very dangerous because all commands can be used at the same time.


Our presence sensor is directly fixed on the ramp.

Simply by stepping on it, the user activates the security, disconnecting the cab’s housing : no double usage is possible, and no more back and forth is needed to disconnect and reconnect the cab’s housing.


Compatible materials

This optionnal equipment is available on:

  • Silage feeders/Straw blowers :

TX49-59-69-89XL, TX59-69-89XL MIX