Our know-how

Highly concerned about the quality of its machines, EUROMARK has been ensuring since 2006, all stages from design to manufacturing, in its own workshops in BÉDÉE, in Ille-et-Vilaine (35), close to RENNES, France.

From design to manufacturing, each stage is mastered: you will find in every EUROMARK machine and equipments the same care for quality, combining traditional know-how and industrial technology.


EUROMARK has its own design department: the cradle of innovations and projects. On a constant monitoring, our team works to develop and offer machines and equipments always as close as possible to the needs of the agricultural sector professionals.


EUROMARK material is made in France, with French or European raw materials. The quality of our materials is at the heart of our concerns, to guarantee you a working tool on which you can rely on every day.


Our After Sales Service is at your disposal and will accompany you. A daily departure is planned in order to be able to send you as soon as possible the wear parts that are essential for the proper functioning of your machine.